Checklist for a Cycling Day Trip

The checklist below will help you prepare before you get on your bike:

  • tires inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications indicated on the side of tire (under-inflated tires are inefficient and lead to more flats)
  • at least one bottle of water, preferably two (you could also bring Gatorade or other “energy” powder to add to the water)
  • snacks that can be easily stashed in pockets and that travel well: granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, oranges, bananas
  • a lunch, unless you are sure there will be a place at the planned lunch stop to purchase the type of food you like (never underestimate the importance of lunch!)
  • glasses for keeping out sun, bugs, dust and/or wind
  • cycling gloves for better grip, less numbness in hands
  • in cooler weather, extra layers (and somewhere to store the peeled layers)
  • band aids, Kleenex, sunscreen (best to apply it before leaving), lip balm with SPF
  • spending money, health insurance card, emergency contact information
    Optional: driver’s license, and CAA card (includes some roadside assistance to cyclists)
  • if your route goes into the US, bring your passport, $US spending money, and make sure you have medical insurance with US coverage
  • cell phone in Ziploc bag
  • if the drive home is long, you might want to leave a change of clothes in the car