COVID-19 Regulations

Randonnée Aventure is working hard to provide a safe environment for our members. Currently there are no government regulations that must be followed.

We will continue to follow the evolving COVID-19 situation and any ensuing rules. This page will be updated, as required, to reflect any changes in government regulations or bus company requirements.

The current situation for Randonnée trips is as follows:

All Trips:

  • Participants are not required to wear masks on the bus. It is a personal choice. The use of hand sanitizer is recommended.
  • Buses are operating at normal capacity, which means that you will likely be seated beside someone.
  • Walk-ons are permitted at the last pick-up as described on the page Buying and Selling Trips.
  • Trips are non-refundable, but private sales are permitted, as described on the page Buying and Selling Trips.
  • If regulations change and any scheduled trips must be cancelled, those trip purchases will be refunded by the club.