Hiking Trip Leader

Description of Volunteer Role

Randonnée Aventure (RA) is a volunteer-run club for adult outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. Each year between May and October, RA organizes a dozen or so Saturday hiking trips. 2 trip leaders are assigned to each outing. As a result, our club needs 24 or so volunteers annually, for this role alone.

Support and Resources

  • 2 hiking trip leaders collaborate and share responsibilities for each hiking day trip.
  • Any volunteer who is new to the role will be paired with and have the opportunity to learn from a more experienced person.
  • Our club is bilingual, however unilingual volunteers are welcome. Trip leaders will be paired to ensure both languages are covered.
  • The club has prepared several documents to guide the volunteer through the different steps involved. As well, experienced hiking committee members are available to offer help.

Time Commitment

  • Before the hike: 2-5 hours to phone destination as well as to review/update trail notes and maps
  • The full day of the hike itself will be mostly dedicated to the role.
  • Following the hike: 1-2 hours to prepare trip reporting
  • Zoom meetings: 90 min meetings, 8-10 meetings per year

Experience and Skills Sought

  • Past participation in RA hiking day trips
  • A desire to get more involved with RA
  • A love of the outdoors and enthusiasm for hiking
  • This role is appropriate for members that are new to volunteering with RA.

How to volunteer

Please email us at info@randonnee.ca if you’d like to join our team!