RA Trips to US

Border Crossing Requirements

All participants for trips crossing into the United States must carry a valid Canadian or United States passport, or else must already have with them either a valid visa or travel authorization to enter the US as well as return to Canada. You must have all needed documentation with you prior to the day of the trip.

Citizens with a valid passport from many European and other countries, can apply for a travel authorization online ahead of time through ESTA, the United States Electronic System for Travel Authorization. For eligibility, consult:


Please note that ESTA does not issue actual visas, only a travel authorization for short pleasure visits. Plan ahead as the process may take up to a week.

If you are NOT a citizen of any of the countries served by the ESTA system, and do not already have a valid visa, then you will need to obtain a visa through a United States consulate or embassy ahead of time. You cannot do this at the border on any of our trips .

Summary: For US trips, you are solely responsible for bringing all needed documents. If you are denied entry at the border due to inadequate documentation, RA will have no choice but to leave you at the border.

Accident Insurance

Randonnée Aventure strongly recommends that anyone participating in club events outside Quebec obtain travel insurance. Quebec medicare will cover only a small portion of medical expenses incurred outside the province. Hospitalization in the US costs several thousand dollars per day.

Make sure you are covered before going to the US for even a few hours. Also, be sure you have all the details regarding your insurance with you – the name and phone number of your insurance company and the policy number. Travel insurance is not expensive – when you consider the alternatives.

Be prepared. Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage.

Shopping in the US

Please note that we do not allow participants in day trips to the US to make any purchases there, in order to simplify border-crossing procedures.