Your First Ride with RA

Your first ride with Randonnée Aventure is not the occasion for you and your bike to be meeting for the first time! Any kinks in the relationship need to have been ironed out before you commit to spending a day together. Also remember that you will be a participant in a group activity.

Review the points below to see if any additional preparation is necessary:

  • You have ridden enough to know that the planned distance of the ride is doable.
  • You have a cycling helmet (compulsory for all club rides).
  • Your bike is in decent condition (tires not too worn, chain clean and oiled, gears and brakes adjusted).
  • Your bike is adjusted to fit you properly (ask at your bike shop or look online, e.g. MEC: Fitting your bike).
  • You have a way to carry your lunch, snacks, clothing layers, etc. – perhaps in the pockets of your jersey, but probably better in a small carrier bag attached to your bike. (A knapsack is not recommended.)
  • You have at least one water bottle cage (preferably two) mounted on your bike. A CamelBak type bag (worn on your back) is also an option.
  • You have a bicycle odometer so you can measure distance travelled and follow the route directions.
  • You have a repair kit that contains one or two spare tubes, a patch kit, tire levers, a suitable pump. (It could also include a couple of disposable gloves if you don’t like getting your hands dirty.)
  • You are able to fix a derailed chain and repair a flat tire.
  • All cyclists must be familiar with the Rules of the road for cyclists (SAAQ).
  • All bikes must be equipped with Mandatory visibility accessories for bicycles (SAAQ).
  • And finally, be sure to consult our Checklist for a Cycling Day Trip.