Buying and Selling Trips


Prior to purchasing trips, ensure that you have a valid RA membership. Please consult RA Member Login Explained for information on how to proceed.


Register early and take advantage of discount pricing for day trips. After the early bird cutoff, you can still save money by paying online.

Early registration helps the club. Trips with too few registered participants may have to be cancelled.

There is no option to purchase trips by mail or by phone.

To Buy a Day Trip

Online: Purchase the trip online at the RA website before 9:00 pm on the Wednesday before the trip.

Waiting List: Once a day trip is full, there is no waiting list so you must try the ‘Walk-On Procedure’ described below.

Walk-On Procedure for Day Trips: If you have not been able to reserve a place, you may still be able to go on the trip as a walk-on. There may be seats available or sometimes members who have prepaid seats don’t show, so you will have a good chance of getting on the bus. Go to the last bus pick-up point. Priority will be given to members. Please bring the exact amount in cash.

Important: Once you have been registered for a day trip, the fee is not refundable.

To Sell A Day Trip

If you have registered for a day trip and are unable to go, you may try to sell your place to someone else via Facebook – RA Discussion Group. This is a restricted group, and if you are not already subscribed to the group, you must first send us a request to join via Facebook (at the top of the group page) before you can post your trip for sale.

Occasionally people have success by going to the last bus pick-up point on the morning of the trip and trying to sell their spot to a walk-on. Any buy-sell activity on our RA Facebook group or at the bus stop is conducted as a private transaction between individuals, outside the purview of the club. The person who purchases your trip will have to provide your name to the trip leader upon boarding the bus and specify that a private sale has taken place.


Please ensure that your annual membership is active before purchasing a weekend trip.

To Buy a Weekend Trip

Online: Purchase the trip online at the RA website before the registration cut-off date specified in the trip description.

Waiting List: Once a weekend trip is full, there is a waiting list for prospective buyers. To be placed on the waiting list, email the club at with the request. If a place becomes available, you will be contacted and given the option to purchase the trip.

Important: Once you have been registered for a weekend trip, the fee is not refundable unless the club can find a replacement buyer.

To Sell a Weekend Trip

If you have registered for a weekend trip and are unable to go, email the club at as soon as possible, and at least 7 days before the trip. Because of room-sharing constraints, all sales must be done through the weekend coordinator, who will contact you if a buyer is found.

The club does not guarantee the sale of your place on the trip.


For US trips, you are solely responsible for having the required documentation to enter the US. A valid passport is required, whatever the mode of transport. Holders of passports from countries other than Canada or the US may require a visa. Some may even need to be fingerprinted and photographed. If you do not have adequate documentation, we may be obliged to leave you at the border.