Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing with RA

Moving in winter

One of the best ways to enjoy winter is to get active outdoors! Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are invigorating activities that enable us to appreciate the beauty of the countryside and to enjoy snow-covered landscapes. The ski trails of Quebec and nearby New England provide some of the most beautiful winter scenery imaginable.

Randonnée Aventure offers day and occasional weekend trips, free from winter driving worries. Luxury coaches pick us up at scheduled locations, close to metro stations and with convenient parking nearby. The bus trips are always an enjoyable way to start and end our day. We can socialize, share stories of our day, make new friends, simply relax, or even catch a nap.

The various destinations throughout the season offer options for everyone, including skiers and snowshoers from beginner to advanced.

Trying cross-country skiing

Early in the year we offer cross-country ski lessons on one of the first trips of the season. Geared towards both the first-time skier and the more experienced, these lessons are an opportunity to learn new skills, or just brush up your technique for the new season.

Les amis de la montagne also offers cross-country ski lessons on Mount Royal. See details at Les amis de la montagne.

Trying snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a winter activity that’s easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. If you enjoy walking or hiking, chances are you’ll love to snowshoe! Modern snowshoes are light and can be worn with hiking or winter boots.

Getting ready

Always bring a lunch and drinking water.

All participants must have their own equipment. We do not have any rental equipment available.

Everyone must be prepared for all weather conditions.

Change of destination

If weather or trail conditions are poor at the scheduled destination, an alternative will be sought; if none is available, the trip will be cancelled. In either case, an announcement will be on the club Wiki (Winter) the Friday night prior to the trip.

Note that if the destination is changed, the restaurant and equipment rental facilities at the new destination may differ from the original plan.

On the trails

Be sure to consult our On the Trails page for lots of useful advice.


We always look forward to enjoying a great winter season together, with our active friends new and old!